Surveyors Business Professional Indemnity Insurance requirements

Surveyors Professional Indemnity insurance is perhaps the most critical component of any insurance policy for surveyors who produce any reports, assessments, recommendations, or valuations, along with helping clients with funding applications.

Your Professional indemnity (PI) Insurance will protect your business if a client alleges negligent acts, errors/omissions/actual negligent acts or offered poor advice.

We work with our Surveyors to understand their business, the type and mix of instructions, their education/partners/Directors, claims history and the regulatory bodies and membership organisations they belong to.

For example, If you are a RICS chartered surveyor, you will be required to hold a minimum level of cover as a condition of your chartered status.

So we can provide them with the most appropriate insurance solutions available.



UK-based expert support, online and on the phone. Specific Claims and Risk Management advice, along with technical bulletins are provided throughout the policy period.


Surveyors can use our facility whether a sole practitioner or part of a larger practice. MFL is trusted by thousands of Professionals.


Compliant quotations can be obtained by completing the Surveyors proposal form, which has been tailored to the specialist activities and advice of the Surveying and Valuations profession.

Your Profession. Covered!

We start with our making sure your Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is based on your circumstances and RICS compliant, you can then choose to add on extras that suit you and your risk appetite.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protection for your business if a client alleges negligent acts, errors/omissions/actual negligent acts or offered poor advice.

Management Liability Insurance

Financial support for claims made against the company, its senior staff or its Directors’s & Officers’

Protect your office and Equipment

Add our Office Insurance policy to provide cover for business premises and equipment against disasters such as a flood or fire, accidents, acts of vandalism and burglary.

Cyber Cover Insurance

Cyber Cover offers assistance to you and third parties if a Cyber Event occurs.

Trustee Liability Insurance

Provides cover for when your advice is used outside of your Practice.

Fidelity Insurance

Provides cover for loss of money and other property resulting from fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee or volunteer.

Liabilities Insurance

Public and Employers’ Liability Cover. This can come standard with Office Insurance Policies too.

Fleet Insurance

Insurance to keep your vehicles and surveyors on the road.

Your Surveyors Insurance Quote

Exclusive insurance facilities for surveyors

We have specialist facilities for surveyors who are members of the following Associations and Membership organisations:

Why MFL?

We are a specialist insurance broker with a wealth of knowledge to the Surveyors Profession.
We are independent, meaning we have the flexibility to design our services around you, and access the insurer markets we need to deliver competitive insurance regardless of the size of your practice.
Competitive quotations from our insurer partners.
You will have a dedicated team of brokers looking after you, with a support team on hand to deal with any claims and risk management issues you have.
Regular blogs and bulletins which provide updates on market conditions, risk management, claims examples, etc.

Surveyors FAQs

What does Surveyors PI Insurance Cover?

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself against claims of negligence or mistakes that leave your client out of pocket can be very high.

  • Negligence – if you provide incorrect advice or make a mistake
  • Breach of confidence – sharing (commercially) sensitive information without permission
  • Lost or damaged documents, money or goods – if you lose money or lose/damage documents or goods whilst in your care
  • Defamation – If you produce or support libellous comments
  • Breach of copyright – Limited cover is available if you infringe copyright, trademarks or intellectual property (see intellectual property insurance for our full cover option)
  • Employees – If your employee causes a loss for a client
Surveyors PI insurance claims examples
  • A client alleged negligence in the contract valuation and post-construction control.
  • A claim was brought regarding certification by the Insured and the subsequent payments to contractors.
  • The costs of a building project overran the initial projection by £300,000.
  • An employee made an error in copying measurements, resulting in the final calculation being inaccurate.
Where can I get a surveyor's PI proposal form?
What other insurance does a Surveyor need?

The other insurance you need will be based on your circumstances.

  • Looking to close your business, then you may need Run Off Cover.
  • If the Limit of indemnity needs to increase, then you need Excess Layer Insurance.
  • Do you need to cover past works, then we can work with you to put a Retroactive Date on your PI Cover
  • If you have employees, you will need Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Do you have equipment that needs protecting? Then an Office Insurance policy can provide cover for your furniture, IT equipment, technical surveying equipment
  • If you don’t want to be personally liable as a Director, a Directors’ and Officers’ insurance policy covers your defence costs and any compensation you must pay.
What is the assigned risks pool?

The Assigned Risks Pool (ARP) is a facility by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors to provide temporary cover for their members’ firms who cannot secure professional indemnity insurance in the open market. There could be various reasons why a firm cannot obtain PI insurance. It will typically be because they have become a ‘distressed risk’ due to claims problems and no insurance company wants to insure them.

If this is you, MFL can still help. We are experts in supporting Surveyors with the provision of Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance after I've ceased to practice?

Yes- it is imperative to secure ‘run-off’ cover for your previous practice after you cease to practise. This is to cover you for claims for work done while in practice but arising after the practice ceased trading. This requirement is in your interests, whether or not you think you might have a claim in future.


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