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The challenge when looking for Motor Fleet Insurance is to find an appropriate balance between service and cost, whilst making the process get being insured easy to manage.

Save time and money whilst we make sure that your fleet is covered by insuring them under a single policy, with a single insurer and a single renewal date.

All fleet operators want competitive insurance premiums, but choosing a motor fleet insurer with an inferior claims service can cost more in the long run – no matter how low their initial premiums.

We will recommend appropriate options based on your claims history and fleet. We can offer perfectly balanced motor fleet insurance at competitive prices.

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Motor Fleet FAQs

What is Fleet Insurance

Instead of insuring your company vehicles individually, which can be very costly, you can potentially save your company thousands of pounds by creating a comprehensive, bespoke fleet insurance policy instead.

Not only does fleet insurance save your business money, but it also gives you full flexibility and control when it comes to insuring your vehicles. Insuring your vehicles under one policy will save you a lot of time and give you more opportunity to concentrate on other important areas of your business.

With fleet insurance, you can choose to cover any driver to any vehicle. Alternatively, you can also insure specific drivers to specific vehicles – great if you have pool cars!

Who is Fleet Insurance for?

Fleet insurance is available for businesses with 2 or more vehicles in the company. There are no restrictions on the type of business, so no matter what your business is, you can be covered by fleet insurance.

How is Fleet Insurance premiums calculated?

Just like your peronal car insurance. fleet insurance premiums are calculated on a number of factors such as claims history, drivers, vehicles and use.

Does Fleet Insurance come with optional extras?

Yes – our advisors will work with you to create a Fleet Insurance Policy that works for you.

For example, Fleet Insurance optional extras can include:

  • breakdown cover,
  • legal expenses,
  • uninsured loss recovery,
  • new vehicle replacement cover,
  • courtesy cars
  • cover for driving overseas.


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