Protect from dishonesty or fraud

Fidelity insurance can protect your business against fraud, theft or dishonesty by volunteers or employees.

Fidelity insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection for an individual or organisation against losses incurred as a result of fraudulent or dishonest acts by employees. It is designed to protect a business from financial losses caused by the dishonest actions of its employees or volunteers.

Buying fidelity insurance is a good idea because it provides protection against financial losses due to employee theft or fraud, which can be a significant risk for many businesses. It can also provide peace of mind, knowing that your business is protected against such losses.

Common examples include fabricating invoices, false expense claims, petty cash theft and stealing collection tins. These often occur in small amounts initially and build up over time, resulting in a significant hole in your organisation’s finances.

Fidelity insurance can pay for losses you incur as a result of:

  • Loss of money or goods arising from the dishonest or fraudulent acts of your employees
  • Loss of property or funds through computer fraud or fraudulent transfer instructions (other than employees)


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Frequently asked questions

Do I need fidelity insurance?

Fidelity insurance can pay losses you incur as a result of the dishonesty or fraudulent acts of employees or volunteers – including theft, fraud and dishonesty.

Whilst it’s an unpleasant feeling, individuals in positions of authority can abuse their position for the own personal gain if inadequate processes are in place.

What kind of claims does fidelity insurance cover against?

Fidelity insurance claims can be wide-ranging, but some examples are given below:

  • Fabricated invoices
    The treasurer of your organisation is found to have fabricated invoices from an existing supplier but changed the bank details on the document to their own personal account. Fidelity insurance pays for the losses your organisation has incurred from this act.
  • False expense claims
    An employee at your organisation is found to have submitted false expense claims for travel, meals and materials for fundraising events. Fidelity insurance pays for the losses your organisation has incurred from this act.


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