21 June 2022

A sit down with Donna Sharman

In our series of A SIT DOWN WITH we speak to our Assistant Underwriting Manager, Donna Sharman. Having started on the 14th March 2022, we thought what better way to celebrate her first 100 days with us than to put her under the spotlight.

If you are wondering where the term "First 100 days" comes from, it often refers to the beginning of a leading politician's term in office, for example, "The first 100 days of Boris Johnsons premiership".

Do you enjoy working at MFL?
So far, so good!
From the moment I arrived on my first day I had a good feeling

What made you want to join MFL?
It was during my first interview with Kevin, I could see his passion. Passion to remain independent but also ambitious to continue to grow & develop

What have you found most challenging during your time here?
Starting any new job has its challenges and for me it’s the frustration of not always being able to hit the ground sprinting!

If you had to sum up your role here in one sentence, what would it be?
A fabulous learning curve which will constantly change over the next 12 months and onwards.

What does a typical day look like for you?
In these early days it has been mainly spending time with colleagues from each sector of the business and establishing roles and processes & understanding our clients professions and their insurance needs

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?
Prior to joining MFL I had the luxury of a three month sabbatical and I managed to fill each and every day, enjoying either exercising, gardening or mini breaks away in our caravan. It would be easier to list what I don’t like doing – shopping !

What do you consider to be your best asset, and how are you able to use this at MFL?
Having worked on schemes business for the past 30 years it’s fair to say I love working with volumes. I excel at reviewing internal processes that enable us to deliver a slick service whilst maintaining high standards of customer service. I have been told my calm approach and strong leadership skills are my best asset but maybe that a question for somebody else to answer?

What has surprised you most about working here / dealing with clients?
The variety of clients & professions and their differing needs

What has been your favourite part of working at MFL?
Too early to say but I am sure if you ask me again in 12 months time I could give you a top ten list

What do you want MFL to be famous for?
To be recognised as one of the most Professional & Trustworthy Insurance Brokers , through the eyes of both our clients and the insurance industry